Elan Smart Home Automation

Our clients love it when they can pick up their smart phone to control their television, tell Alexa to shut off their lights upstairs when they’re downstairs or to change the setting on their thermostat, answer their front door while lounging in their backyard, check their security cameras at their house from their smart phone while they’re away from home, use a remote control to open their window shades, and so much more. That’s ease of use — and a whole lot of convenience.

We can design a home automation system that fits your lifestyle and your home — whether you want to start small and control a few systems and scale up later, or go big now and control everything possible in every space of your house and yard.

The system uses a simple interface that every member of your house can operate, from your children to your grandparents (we’re not kidding – it’s that easy). The system can be controlled through aesthetically designed touchscreens and sleek remote controls, by voice command through Amazon’s Alexa, or by app on your favorite mobile device. Through your mobile devices, you can control any of your home systems, answer your front door, and check your security settings and cameras from anywhere in the house or just about anywhere in the world.